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A registered not-for-profit organization in both the USA and South Africa, Teachers of the Nation’s mission is to address the issues facing vulnerable young girls. These young women find themselves uneducated and unemployable and would likely begin the cycle of poverty if not for the interventions of the ministry.

We work in the informal settlement of Avian Park in Worcester, South Africa, where violence is so prevalent that the National Defense Force has been called in to quell the unrest. Our first focus is to teach the girls about God’s love and to invite them to partner with God in His vision for their lives.

With a high rate of teenage pregnancy (35%), few girls would be able to graduate and move onto tertiary education. Instead, the girls would begin the cycle of poverty all over again, enslaving another generation to TB, HIV-AIDS, diabetes, malnutrition, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic, physical, and emotional abuse and neglect. Our goal is to stymie this process, and we see success and lifestyle changes happening.

We promote access to quality education for girls, provide them with the necessary skills to break the patterns of poverty and lack, and mentor and prepare them to become change agents in their communities. 

The greatest opportunity for change for any country is in the education of its girls. Please support us as we support them.

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Mella J Davis, Director

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