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Teachers of the Nations’ English language School: Masterpeace Academy

Teachers of the Nations is committed to building schools of excellence for Africa. In particular, it is our goal to provide access to quality education primarily for underprivileged and neglected students.

Mission Statement: To broaden students’ worldview, develop individual potential, and enrich community life through access to a multi- disciplinary and compelling educational experience.

Market: At present, there is no local school singularly devoted to educating youth in the area using challenging curriculum such as International Baccalaureate and Cambridge A-level standards. In Worcester presently, there exists a need for an English-medium that include students from disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged backgrounds. Our potential student population would also include Anglo-phone and foreign students who presently reside in Worcester with missionary families.

Concluding Remarks: MasterPeace Academy is sure to appeal to those parents who desire their children to learn in a first-rate English-speaking institution with compelling studies and demanding academic rigor. Nestled in the beautiful setting of the Worcester wine-country, the school provides safety and security, making it truly an enviable place to study.

Student Profile
The highest possible academic and rigorous learning environment will be provided. The type of student that will do well at MasterPeace Academy is one who is very curious, self-motivated, and resilient. At MasterPeace Academy, we are here to offer students the opportunity to use their own learning modalities and strengths.

We offer face-to-face instruction as well as experiential opportunities. We encourage investigation, questioning, and a lifestyle of reading and learning. We will offer foreign languages as well as the creative arts. While using traditional curricula, students will also have access to online learning opportunities with Khan Academy.

Academic Year
Masterpiece academy will run on an American academic schedule which means that there are two semesters per year. The school term begins in August and ends in June. However, students of MasterPeace Academy will be released at the same time as those attending South African institutions. Term 1 runs from August through December. The second term begins in January and ends in early June. These dates allow student to begin university study in January.


Monday -Friday
1st Block: 8:00- 11:00:
English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Each course lasts 50 minutes.
On Alternate Days
2nd Block: 12:00-2:00
Physical Education; Foreign Language; Art; Theater; Library
Hot lunch will also be provided. Students will also receive 2 ten-minute breaks.