Teacher of the Nations focuses on the arts. Specifically, we seek to introduce children to the beauty and intellectual stimulus of music. In South Africa, music is not a mandatory course, so few students, not enrolled in privileged schools, have access to music programs. Through our weekly programs, music camps, and concerts, we bridge this gap. Visiting and resident music teachers and professionals from all over the world have lent their talent and expertise to our misssion.

On Fridays,  the girls make music with Christine Reurink. Both the bigger girls and little girls enjoy their time singing praise and worship. A trained music teacher from Holland,  Christine has worked diligently in our music programs in Avian Park and Riverview, teaching piano, guitar, and voice.

At Chip Ross, singer-song-writer, Phil Adewumi, leads worships and instructs selected children in piano.


The concert brought a full house to the Glory Hall at YWAM!

Christine Reunrick did a masterful job organizing over 80 kids into a mass choir. Attendees were blessed with dance, praise and worship, and even a number using bells. Participants from Lifestyle Christian Academy, Nehemiah Ministry, My Father’s House Ministry, and Teachers of the Nations as well as Worcester Christen Gemeente Church participated in the gala event.


Our “Garden of Praise” concert was a huge success. Christine Reurink’s hard work paid off. The girls performed incredibly well, and the parent turnout was also phenomenal. We also were blessed with the presence guest singers.




MUSIC CAMP July 13,2016

Krista and Craig Mc Lauchlan, two Canadian music teachers, together Julio Aceredo, taught the girls and boys of our Avian Park and Riverview programs. The three-day camp completed our weekly music prograns which included voice, recorder, and piano training. It was our inaugural music camp, and it was a great success.