Mella Davis, PhD

Teaches French, English and Social Studies

Dr Mella Davis, originally from Richmond, Texas, has 25 years of experience in education, having taught everything from grade R to graduate school. She hold a doctorate in performance studies, a masters in folklore, a masters- level certification in education, and a dual bachelors degree in English and in French. With her interdisciplinary focus of theater, anthropology, literature, and languages, she approaches education through a multidisciplinary lens and teaches from a holistic perspective of how each subject impacts the other. She has seen her students accepted to top-tier universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Notre Dame. But her greatest blessing is seeing students walking in their faith and giving back to their communities.

She is the director of a not-for-profit organization registered in the United States and South Africa: Teachers of the Nations, which provides after-school tutoring, discipleship, and skills training. In August 2017 she founded an English-medium school for girls, MasterPeace Academy, in Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa.  Her students are from poor families in Worcester townships whose parents are seeking superior education for their children. These parents realize that only through education can their children raise themselves out of the intergenerational poverty trap.

Listen to Dr Mella Davis interviewed on CWCP Radio Feb 22, 2018

Laurie-Ann Copple

Teaches Art

New School of Art, Toronto, Canada  –  Fine Art, printmaking 1979-81.
Attended Sheridan College, Oakville, Canada  –  Art Fundamentals / film photography  1981-82.
Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada   –  Experimental Arts, 1982-84.
Society of Canadian Artists, Lifetime Member, since 1989.
University of Toronto: Toronto, Canada  – BA Religious Studies and Sociology 1994, with honours.
Tyndale Seminary: Toronto, Canada  – Master of Divinity – Counseling Major 1999, with honours.
Algonquin College: Ottawa, Canada  – Radio Broadcasting Diploma, with honours.
IRIS Global Harvest Mission School,  Pemba, Mozambique 2016.

E M P L O Y M E N T  – paid and volunteer positions
Social Media, website design and maintenance.
Creative writing (radio, websites, newsletters, magazines).
Administration (word processing, spreadsheets, powerpoint, basic bookkeeping).
Pastoral care and counselling, inner healing.
Radio broadcasting (voice, audio production) in Canadian public, community and commercial radio stations.
Alpha Course coach, trainer, lead cook in large interdenominational course.
Fine artist in liturgical art, illustration (drawing).


Tony Copple

Teaches Science and Music

British GCE – Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Wellington College (UK)
M.A. Mechanical Sciences Tripos (Engineering) St John’s College, Cambridge 1962RIS Global Harvest Mission School,  Pemba, Mozambique 2016.

E M P L O Y M E N T 
1959 – 1972  Royal Navy, retiring as Lieutenant Commander.  Took post graduate courses in electronics, weapons, radar.  In 1969 took Instructional Training course, and then delivered courses in guided missile radar systems.
1974 – 1985  Computer sales executive with Data General UK, ending as branch sales manager.
1985 – 1987  Life Insurance agent with Allied Dunbar.
1987 – 1993  Sales executive with Data General Canada.
1994 – 2016  Financial consultant with Investors Group.  Became a Certified Financial Planner in 1999. Trained many colleagues mainly in computer systems for designing financial plans.  Retired in March 2016
2008 – 2017  Worship leader in two successive churches weekly – voice, guitar, occasional keyboard.


Ronel Olivier

Teaches Abacus Maths and Afrikaans