Change The World Educate Girls




Lydia Project: The Lydia Project involves preparing teen and adolescent girls to successfully enter into the business market. Through progressive training in sewing, baking, and other adaptable and marketable skills, we prepare the girls for the next level. We also prepare and support the girls if they are interested in tertiary education.

We serve all types of women, no matter their marital status or age, by selling their handmade craft items. Through our support of their business schemes, we now financially assist widows and even a recent parolee. We have Lil’ Bits of Love dolls, Zingy B jewelry, Topsy Turvy Creations and Tops Turvy Jr.  recycled bags (made by the kids), Be Happy and S’Own, and Stella’s recycled pouches. Their success helps the girls envision where they will be in the future, God willing.