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Adopt A Child

Who are we?

Teachers of the Nations is a non-for-profit organization whose goal is to empower girls and boys in the Western Cape of South Africa through education, and provide them with the necessary skills for financial independence and a successful life.

What is ”Adopt a Child”?

The outreach ministry of Teachers of the Nations seeks to connect loving Christian sponsors with young believers who are being discipled in the minitry’s afterschool programs.

What is expected from the sponsor?

If one chooses to sponsor or ”Adopt a Child,” one is committing to prayerfully bring the child’s needs before the  Heavenly Father on a daily basis and to provide a donation of $25 monthly in the child’s name, which is to be used for school supplies, clothing needs and also to cover general expenses for outreach in the child’s community.

Who are these children?

The children who regularly attend the discipleship classes range from ages from three years of age until nineteen. They attend over ten different schools located throughout the town of Worcester. (The ages in brackets is how old they turn, or turned, in 2020)

Where are they from?

These children are from predominantly-colored and black communities that struggle with high rates of crimes, fatherlessness, homelessness, poverty, teenage pregnancy, and diseases such as TB, AIDS-HIV and diabetes. Their one chance out of their predicament is Christ-centered discipleship and access to quality education. 


Birthday: 6 February

Edgar has an incredible insatiable appetite for the Word of God. He is intelligent, dedicated, and has a very generous spirit. Please pray that his love of the Word will grow.


Birthday: 9 June

Amber is a lively girl and proves to be a good friend. Her big smile makes her stand out in a crowd. Would you please pray that she would have an intimate relationship with Christ? Please also pray that she would prove to be a good influence to those around her. 


Birthday: 25 October

Salome has struggled with self-control and angry outbursts. Recently, she has gained a greater measure of self-control in the classroom and outside of it. Would you please pray that she continues to learn how to manage her emotions, obey those in authority, and be a true friend to those around her? Please pray for her to have deep godly relashionships and interact well with her peers. Also, pray that she would manage her cravings and resist addiction to substances that are not healthy.


Birthday: 3 August

Ca-Lee has been attending the program for about three years. She is attentive and pleasant. Please pray that she would love Jesus dearly. Please pray that she would grow in self confidence and awareness.

Pamela B. (15)

Birthday: 6 November

Pamela attends our Avian Park meetings. She is quite intelligent. Would you please pray that she would gain more social skills and find goldy friends? Please also pray that she would consistenly attend the meetings so that she might grow in her knowledge of Christ?

Estelle B. (14)

Birthday: 14 June

Estelle has been able to show us her abilities with ease, and we are grateful to be able to give her opportunities for her life ahead. Please pray that she would show the same diligence and moxie that she has exhibited in the past. Please also pray that she will attend school and finish her academic career strongly. Most importantly, please pray that she will love God with all her heart.


Birthday: 8 April

Susan lives in an unstable household. She lives with her sister; at other times, she lives with her mother. This dysfunctional setting makes it difficult for her to be successful in school. She has also suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome which in the past has created a significiant difficulty for her in learning. Please pray that she will break free of all of the bondages that come from generational curses in her family.

Mikayla (13)

Birthday: 16  April

Mikayla is a sweet even-tempered child. She is a bit shy, but quite bright. Would you please pray that she will submit all of her fears and desires at the feet of Christ?

Merilyn J.

Birthday: 8 July

Merilyn has been attending the program for about 7 years. She has great leadership potential, but unfortunately she struggles with constancy. Her home life is very unstable; she has to assume responsability for her younger sister. Therefore, she has little time to be a child. Would you please pray that she would guard her heart and not enter into temptation? Please pray that she would continue to seek God and know Jesus personally.


Birthday: 18 January

Samantha has been attending our group for about 4 years. Quiet and diligent, she is still quite intelligent and driven. She has a quiet spirit. Would you please pray that she would seek the Lord in all things?


Birthday: 13 July

Jonice perseveres despite her difficult home life. Her older sister, Felicia, also benefits the ministry. Please pray that she would know Christ’s perfect love which puts fear out of doors.


Birthday: 24  April

Verencia struggles in learning, she has been held back for an additional year in first grade. She has a gentle spirit, but often struggles to express herself and fears many things. Would you please pray that God would bring healing in all of these areas?

Estelle P.

Birthday: 8 May

Estelle has a difficult home life. Her father is recovering from a stroke. She is a sweet child, but she is in the middle of transition. Would you please pray that she would firmly come over to God’s side? Would you pray that she would know God as her provider, and that she would not lean on her own understanding or on her own plans for survival.

Magda (16)

Birthday: 20 July

A little spitfire she is! Tiny yes, but she has boundless energy and attitude. Would you please pray that she would begin to grow into a goldy woman that manifests the fruit of the Spirit? Declare over her that she is a Proverbs 31 woman.

Magdalene (13)

Birthday: 27 July

Although tiny as well, and being the younger sister of Magda by three years, Magdalene is also a little spitfire. I guess it runs in the family genes. Would you please pray that God would use that zest for life for His purposes? Please pray that she will have a Godly attitude in all that she does.


Birthday:  30 June

Melanie comes from a stable family. At present, her father is at home, and her mother is looking to her to take care of her siblings. She has a quiet spirit. Would you pray that her true obedient nature will remain intact? Please also pray for her to be successful in school, and not deny her natural ability and giftedness.


Birthday: 24 June

Gotty is an incredibly gifted Biblical scholar. He is adept at finding scripture, understanding its meaning, and retaining information. He excels academically, and he receives high marks and praise from his teachers. God has a definite plan for him; he will be one of the game-changers in his community. Please pray that the enemy would never get a foothold in his life.

Henrietta (17)

Birthday: 8 April

Henrietta is always a joy. She is a natural leader, helper, motivator, and teacher. She does well at home and at school. She is naturally obedient and has a great hunger for all things godly. She is our best seamstress and excels at most things that she puts her hand to do. Please pray that God’s great design for her life will be fulfilled.

Aydon Louw

Birthday: 4 December

Aydon has been attending the program for years. As a faithful attendee, he is obidient and helpful. Would you please pray that the truth he’s heard over the years cause him to be a true disciple of Christ, rooted and grounded in truth?

Canville (13)

Birthday: 23 March

Canville has a can-do spirit. When we began making repairs on the playground, he willingly joined in, removing rocks, carrying trash, and doing anything asked of him. He is quite bright, energetic, and has a servant’s heart. He also cares for, and is attentive his sister. Please pray that God’s love will be rooted in his heart.


Birthday: 1 October

John has a very playful and affable personality.  Still, he has a servant’s heart, can positively influence others, and be a leader. He is maturing and changing. We praise God for the change. Please pray that he will let God continue to change and mold his heart.

Sergio (4)


Sergio is a bundle of energy. His brother, Julanzo, tries to care for him. His parents are apparently Rastas. Please pray that he would grow and learn about the one true God?

Julanzo (11)

Birthday: 22 October

Julanzo is clearly a handful. He is often disruptive. However, there is a possibility that he might be greatly used by God. He appears to come from a family of Rastas.


Birthday: 5 June

Junior is always affable, generally obedient, and punctual. Would you pray that his love of his heavenly Father would grow?


Leandre (13)

Birthday: 11 May

Leandre is a precious child who loves to give hugs and express affection through touch. She is struggling emotionally. Her family situation is not the best, but she is always cheerful and affectionate. She is a needy child who craves attention and affection, but sometimes, tries to receive affection in wrong ways. Please pray that she will find perfect affection in God’s grace.


Birthday: 11 December

Annabelle is a sweet spirited child, who is kind and loving. Would you please pray that her gentle disposition would be protected as well as her tender love for Christ?

Angelique (7)

Birthday: 8 May

Angelique is a sweet child who is a bit timid. Her big sister helps and supports her. Would you please pray that she would be freed from timidity? Would you pray that she would be perfect in Christ love?

Beronick Apies

Birthday: 28 December

Beronick is a helpful and kind child. A regular attendee of our program, she can be found smiling while assisting others. Will you pray for a hedge of protection around her? Pray that she would know Father God as her Papa.


Birthday: 12 November

Jolin has great leadership potential. He has grown in terms of leadership. He has a gift and calling as an evangelist/preacher and greatly influences those around him. He has successfully matriculated. Please pray that the Lord will make His plans for Jolin’s future clear.


Birthday: 18 March

Zelda is a natural leader. She has grown measurably in terms of her spiritual maturity. Her conduct and academic work have greatly improved in the last few months. She lives with her grandmother who is a godly woman and has been married to her husband for over 50 years. Please pray for her to continue to grow in the way of the Lord and to live up to the potential that is within her.


Birthday: 18 March

She is sweet, affable and obedient. She is a treasure for she listens well and attends it to her lessons. She plays well with others, and consistently attends the program. She is active, verbal, and social all while doing so in appropriate ways. Her behavior is such a blessing. Please pray that her affable spirit will attract others to Christ.


Birthday: 17 December

Jermaine is a faithful attendee of the classes. He is attentive and a hard worker.                                 He seeks to learn more of God. Please pray for him to be an influencer, rather than being influenced.


Birthday: 25 February

Keanin, this handsome young man, has great abilities. He is well-liked and his social abilities will likely open doors for him to share the gospel. Please pray that he will follow Christ.



Marco is a regular attendant to the after-school program. He has a feisty attitude about him. Would you please pray that God would use his gifts in a godly way? Please also pray that he would have a longing for the word of God and pay attention to his studies.


Birthday: 18 May

Lauren is gifted with her hands. She is quite adept at making things, fixing things, and being creative. Would you please pray that she will use all of the gifts that God has given her to bless her family and others?

Abigail T. (16)

Birthday: 21 October

This young lady is quiet, but strong. She is the oldest of five siblings. Would you please pray that her sweet, gentle, and sensitive spirit will not be crushed by her surroundings? Please also pray that she would walk in good boundaries, that she would know God as her Father, and that she would rest in God’s love?



Abigail has a confident spirit. She has great leadership potential as well. Would you please pray that she would be all that God wants her to be? Would you please pray that she would know the good places that God has for her and that she would grow deeper in love with Him?


Birthday: 17 May

Rochelle has attended our meetings for about three years now. She is quite quiet. However, inside there appears to be undealt-with anger. She is one who needs help in relating to peers and processing her anger correctly. Would you pray that the fruit of the Spirit would be fully expressed in her? Pray also for favor, wisdom, and self-control in all that she does.


Birthday: 18 November

Liesel has struggled with self-acceptance. Having lost her father at a young age, she has gravitated towards men for love.  Although she became  a young mother at 15, she cares wonderfully for her daughter, Rosedine. Would you please pray that she would finish school, wait for true love, and continue to provide solid and responsible care for her child? She needs much healing in her heart, mind, and within her family.

Felicia Moos

Birthday: 19 February

Felicia has a great deal of leadership ability, and she has been growing leaps. She has exhibited great strength of character. Yet, she struggles with a physical ailment, an injury in her left foot since childhood. Would you please pray for complete healing emotionally and physically for her? Please pray that her academic goals and desires for the future will be fulfilled.


Birthday: 23 December

Angelin has grown and changed remarkably. She is not the same child. She has grown in confidence and security. Please pray that she will be freed from all fear to become the person that Christ means her to be.

Aurelia (11)

Birthday: 8 May

A very active, imaginative, and brave child. She literally fears nothing. Will you pray that her hunger for Christ will continue? Will you pray that God use this for fearlessness for the advancement of His kingdom?


Birthday: 23 January

Carlo is a smart child but unfortunately he is not living up to his potential at school. Would you please pray that he would be passionate for Christ and do his best in school?


Birthday: 24 February

Elrich is a bright and attentive child. He is obedient and is a regular attendant of the program. Please pray that his self-esteem and his identity in Christ would grow.



Zaidah has been attending  a Muslim school since first grade. She is one of the students who takes music at our afterschool program. She is generally very quiet and has a gentle spirit. Would you please pray that she would know the Father better and have a deep relationship with Jesus?

Soerita (15)

Birthday: 21 January

A rather quiet girl, but she is quite gifted and intelligent. She is a student in our after-school music program. Please pray for her to be rooted and grounded in God’s love.

Taylor-Ann (10)

Birthday: 27 December

Although small in size, she is big in spirit. She appears to be quiet, but she really is not shy at all, once one gets to know her. Her two older brothers also attend our meetings. Would you please pray that all the gifts that God has placed within her would be used for His glory?


Birthday: 16 January

From a Muslim family, Shakirah has been very faithful to attend the program in Riverview.  She is thirsty for God and for affection. Please pray that she will follow her heart and love Christ deeply.


Birthday: 12 November

Shonice has learning disabilities, but she is continuing her studies at ABED. Her new love for her studies is truly a blessing. She lives with her mother and stepfather. Please pray that God wil protect her heart and body.


Birthday: 7 February

Lario is a regular attendee to our Wednesday meetings. He’s an active young man with a vivid imagination. He is always quite cheerful and generally helpful. Would you please pray that he would get to know Jesus more?



Adrian is an attendee to our Wednesday meetings. He’s a cute, likable child who enjoys exploring things. He is quite active but a bit shy. Would you please pray that he would continue to seek Jesus and learn about Him deeply in his heart?


Birthday: 17 July

Pamila has a great call on her life. She has received many prophecies concerning God’s desire to use her in the future. Would you please pray that God’s perfect will and purpose for her life be fulfilled and not aborted.

Caleb Blouw

Birthday: 27 August

Caleb is a sweet child who longs to be cared for deeply. Although he is older than most of the small children, he prefers to stay and learn with them. Would you pray that he will grow in confidence and spiritual and emotional maturity.


Birthday: 5 October

Durick has been an attendee for about three years now. Diligent, kind, and obedient, he always has a smile on his face. Please pray that the joy of the Lord will continue to be his strength.

Jaden Lucas

Birthday: 24 October

He’s affable, kind, and an energetic child. Please pray that he would be obedient and compliant.

Keisha Fourie

Birthday: 12 September

Keisha isn’t a newbie to our group anymore. She’s quiet, but intense. Would you pray that she would know that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life?


Birthday: 7 January

Kylie has been with the group for the last few years. She’s quiet, but intense. Would you pray that she would know that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life?

Montavio V

Birthday: 6 October

Montavio has been with us for three years now. We know very little about him. But we do pray that he would know Jesus even more?


Birthday: 15 May

Nianell is one of the girls who one day showed up on the ministry’s doorstep. She has a hunger for Christ, but sometimes forgets to seek His face. Would you please pray that she would live out what she has learned?


Birthday: 12 November

Phrevin is a natural leader and student of the Word. He always answers all the questions correctly when it’s time for a review of the Bible lesson. He is quite energetic and quite intelligent. Please pray that God’s perfect will for his life will be fulfilled.

Racquel/Kelly (12)

Birthday: 30 January

A very well behaved and pleasant child. Would you please pray that she would be freed to walk in God’s truth.

Tahir (7)


Tahir has been in the program since he was a toddler. His brother, Zahir, and his sister Shakirah, also have attended the program. His family are practicing Muslims. He lost his father a few years ago in a car accident. Would you please pray that he would come to know the love of his Heavenly Father?

Due to the death of his father, his family has been in dire financial straits. His mother gave birth to another baby boy just a while after his father’s passing. This family is in need of succor.

Xavier Davos

Birthday: 12 September

Xavier is a helpful child. He has been attending the program for many years. In everything, he steps up. Please pray that he learns to trust God as his Father and Provider.

Racquel P.

Birthday: 21 January

Racquel is a joyful sweet girl who gets along well with others. She is kind and gentle. Would you please pray that she would know Jesus more?



Breyton is a child who is withdrawn and sad. Would you please pray that he would find the joy of the Lord as his strength? Please pray that he would come to know God as his Father.


Birthday: 11 April

Zanele is head-strong; she knows her own mind. Would you pray that Christ will use her strong will to complete His kingdom? Would you pray that she would seek His will for her life most?

Fredonick/Nicki (13)

Birthday: 13 April

Nicki is a joy to be with each day. Affectionate, loving, and kind, she is the next generation of leader. She is obedient and loves the word of God. Would you please pray that her sweet, compliant, and generous spirit will be used mightily by God?

Melvincia/Little Mella (9)

Birthday: 13 April

Like her sister, Melanie, she enjoys attending our meetings. She is a bit shy. Would you please pray that she grow in concfidence in speaking English and sharing her concerns? Please also pray for her to grow in grace with God.

Alrumano (15)

Birthday: 11 November

Blessed with a beautiful singing voice. He’s been labeled attention deficit, but he is quite intelligent. Would you pray that he would grow in social skills and build godly friendships? He is already made a confession of faith. Will you pray that he will grow in intimacy of Christ?


Birthday: 4 September

Willhito is an energetic child. He demands constant attention and much redirection, but he is bright and affable. Will you pray that the Lord uses his boundless energy to build His kingdom?

Najmie (13)

Birthday: 31 March

Najmie is a sweet child with a quiet spirit. He has attended the program for years. Would you please pray that he would follow Jesus foremost in his life?


Birthday: 18 April

Mia has been a part of our meetings for three years now. She’s a joyful worshiper and a very friendly child. Her bright welcoming smile is always an encouragement, and she is quite affectionate. Would you pray that the joy of the Lord would continue to be her strength?


Birthday: 2 April

 Simone is a tiny pot of joy. Although shy, her heart is kind and soft. Would you please pray that whatever brokenness that have hurt her heart will be healed? Please pray that she remains pliable in the hands of Jesus.